Soundy.ai is developed by ENTEL. Established in 1990, ENTEL Engineering Research & Consulting Ltd., based in Budapest, serves as a comprehensive hub for ICT, acoustic design, and product development solutions. Marketed under the Inspired Acoustics (IA) brand, our products are available worldwide and sold in more than 155 countries. With a robust track record and client base inclusive of key stakeholders in the Hungarian ICT sector, our services span strategy formulation, infrastructure development, engineering services, and expert consultancy. In our architectural acoustics division, we provide specialized engineering services to both international and domestic clients. Our R&D activities and technologies result in new products and solutions attracting clients worldwide.


Soundy.ai is an AI-assisted collaborative architectural acoustic design tool with modules for sound insulation, room acoustics, HVAC noise and vibration isolation.

The technology behind Soundy is multi-fold, supporting the implementation of architectural acoustic standards, statistical methods, numerical and finite-element methods as well as advanced machine learning methods introducing a major speed increase in calculations.


Several of the algorithm and methods in Soundy are published. See the Forum Acusticum 2023 and Internoise 2023 conferences for further details.


The research and development effort of Soundy was co-funded by from the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH).

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