Welcome to Soundy

Soundy is a web-based, collaborative architectural acoustic design and modeling system that brings a fresh, friendly approach to tackling acoustic design and dimensioning tasks of any project size from a single room to multiple buildings.

Operating with algorithms powered by traditional numerical methods and ethical artificial intelligence, Soundy democratizes acoustic design and simplifies the related processes not just for experts, but for a broader professional audience. With Soundy, most acoustic issues can be solved or quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining compliance with applicable acoustic laws and standards.

Soundy will be your essential tool

Architects and Interior Designers: Soundy empowers architectural firms and interior designers to swiftly and independently handle the majority of acoustical components needed for projects, without the need for subcontractors. Involving an acoustic consultant simply for quality assurance and advisory roles is sufficient for compliant plans.

Building Service Engineers, MEP designers: Soundy supports noise modeling of the complete building’s ventilation network in accordance with various international standards. With our HVAC acoustic module, you can plan and check whether the noise levels generated by the proposed HVAC elements meet the requirements.

Automotive acoustic engineers: Soundy provides a sophisticated platform for acoustical engineers in the automotive sector and NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) specialists, facilitating the analysis of sound absorption and impedance characteristics in various complex materials.

Vendors of Sound Absorbing materials: With Soundy’s built-in material modeling module, the sound absorption capabilities of unique coverings (perforated, micro-perforated, slotted panels, membranes, etc.) can be easily calculated with unprecedented precision.

Acoustic Designers and Experts: Soundy helps to enhance the efficiency and precision of acoustic design tasks, as well as streamline the tracking of plan changes. Collaborative work conducted on a common, integrated building and room acoustic model leads to more reliable and accurate design. The dimensioning and calculation processes are accelerated by our unique deep learning technology, boosting productivity thousands of times compared to previous workflows.

Residential clients: With Soundy you can design your own recording studio, optimum room shape, custom sound absorbing or diffusion materials as well as noise reduction solutions for your building.

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